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My memory of a great Saint, Pope John Paul II

It was the height of winter, January 25, 1986. The early morning was so cold. It was the first time in 12 years that snow fell in Rome. I was one of the students at the Casa, the Dominican House of Studies. We were privileged to be given the chance to attend the private mass of our Holy Father Pope John Paul II. We entered cautiously in the half lighted corridor of his Private Chapel. Then we saw our Holy Father, Pope John Paul II.


He was kneeling.  Shoulders stooped as though he was carrying a heavy load. We were very quiet. We felt awed as though we were in the presence of something so sacred and so solemn. He was on his knees for almost 30 minutes.


Then mass begun.  At the end of the mass, we formed a circle, just the 20 of us. We really felt so near him. He gave each of us his special white rosary. To each one he paused to talk a bit. I asked him to bless my parents.  Showed him their picture he blest them. Then…. The Sister beside me, Sister Joan Beirsto, OP fainted! The Holy Father knelt down, we locked eyes and he asked me… “ Is it the heart”! He helped Joan stand up.


Wow, what a great Saint we will have. St. John Paul II we love you. Pray for us.


Intensive Contemplative Experience in Lent @ RICA

Greetings friends. There is a prerequisite in this Intensive Course in Contemplative Experience that you have an experience in sitting at the motherhouse.
This is an experience of a lifetime. Blessings to you.

The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii joins the Asia-Pacific Dominican Family Formator's Course

Sister Eppie, Sister Matthew & Sister Menchi attended the 2014 Asia-Pacific Dominican Family Formators' Course in Santa Catalina Spirituality Center in Baguio City, March 10 to April 4, 2014

The theme is Formation for Mission in Asia-Pacific.

With Fr. Vivian Boland, OP., Vicar of the Master of the Order.







2014 Lenten Schedule


BDO Foundation Donates 30 Boats through Regina RICA Foundation’s Project BANGKA.


Aiming to help the fisher folk victims of super typhoon Yolanda at San Dionisio, Iloilo, Banco de Oro Foundation donated 30 motorized boats and fish nets through Regina Rica Foundation’s Project BANGKA (Bigyan Agad ng Kabuhayan).

A Memorandum Of Agreement (MOA) between the two foundations was signed in March 10, 2014.


2nd National Convention of Collaborative Harmonious Association Mission Partners


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Groundbreaking of Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia - March 19, 2014


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St. Joseph Day March 19, 2014


The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii Celebrated the Feast of St. Joseph last March 19, 2014 at Regina Rica, Tanay, Rizal. The celebration coincides with the groundbreaking of the Regina Rosarii Institute for Contemplation in Asia.

St. Joseph has been the patron of Regina RICA and helped provide for all its projects.


Regina RICA's Puluy-an for retreatants


Welcome to Regina RICA and make yourself at home. Please take care of everything as if it were your own and help keep things tidy and orderly. Think of those who will come after you - we want to make them feel at home too.

A contemplative is a simple, sensitive, and sensible person. Be one! Please observe the following guidelines:

  • > Conserve water and electricity when not in use by switching them off.
  • > To maintain the cleanliness of your room, please take off your shoes/sandals before entering
  • your room. Slippers are provided for use inside the room.
  • > All IDs must be worn at all times for security purposes as well as for claiming your meals.
  • > All room assignments are set and changing of rooms must be done with the approval of the Administration office.
  • > Silence is to be maintained at all times in all prayer-designated areas, specifically the Oratory,
  • > SULOD, Labyrinth, Regina Rosarii Chapel and Chapel of the Women Mystics.
  • Alcohol, smoking, pets, outside food (eating and storing food) inside the rooms are strictly prohibited.

Meals are served on the following schedule at your designated areas:

  7:00 am – Breakfast
10:30 am – Snack
12:00 pm – Lunch
  4:30 pm – Snack
  7:00 pm – Dinner

You are welcome to join the regular Masses at RICA, schedules as follows:

11:00 am – Daily except Tuesdays
11:00 am and 3:30 pm - Sundays

Please be advised that all activities must end at 9:00 pm in keeping with the need for silence iin the place.

As you check-out, we ask that you kindly:

Remove your beddings and put them inside the soiled pillow case before you leave.
Return your key inside the envelope provided.
Pray the “Hail Mary” for the person who will use this room in Puluy-an after you.

We wish you a relaxed and restful stay. Enjoy your stay. May Our Lady, Regina Rosarii,
guide your feet unto the way of peace.


Regina Rosarii Seminars on Spirituality


Updates: ATM (Adopt-a-Tree Movement) Members


Dominican Family Upholds Social Media Literacy


“Social Media Literacy: Empowering Preachers to New Evangelization.” This was the theme of the Dominican Family in the Philippines as they gathered to learn the modern day creative preaching styles and strategies on February 16, 2014, Sunday.

Professor Clarence Batan, Ph.D. - a Sociologist at the University of Santo Tomas discussed the” Landscape of Preaching Today.” Considering preaching as a social enterprise, he pointed out that it needs deeper social understanding, wide research, ardent prayers and great responsibility.

To fully understand society, preachers need to understand themselves, families, local and global communities and the emerging virtual communities and technologies.

The role of research in preaching is very important as preachers need to understand the feelings, emotions and especially the language of the target audience. Preachers need to listen in order to clearly translate the message across.

And to clearly translate the belief and the catholic faith, it is a must that preachers see God in people, in God’s creation, in every event. This way, preachers will fulfill the divine responsibility of growing people’s faith, through preaching.

Mr. Edwin Lopez, Strategic Communicator of EWTN Global Catholic Network talked on “Your Image on the Net,” stressing positive experience of the people with the preacher, as the main element of creating good image to the target audience.

Mr. Dominic Barrios a photographer and social media fanatic gave insights on “Making Modern-Day Parables.” He emphasized the importance of transcending our creativity employing social media in touching other people’s heart.

The event is first in the series of social media awareness campaign of the Dominican Order in the Philippines to answer the need for modern day evangelization.

The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii is represented by Sr. Menchie Advincula, OP, Mr. Ricky Bolanio and Sr. Irene V. Rafer.


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Bangka Beneficiaries Say Thank You

Beneficiaries of Project BANGKA expressed their gratitude after officially receiving their fishing boats from the Regina RICA Foundation and the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii. More than a hundred fishing boats are now sailing the sea of San Dionisio giving means of living to the people of San Dionisio after typhoon Yolanda hit the country and washed out their fishing boats.


As our beneficiaries are thanking us, we also thank our mission partners, friends and benefactors for the unending support for the success of Project BANGKA.



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Power Message

When the going is tough and there seems no end to trouble,

Look beyond. Burn bright with hope.

God carries you. You are safe.



Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP


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