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Regina Rosarii Seminars on Spirituality (ROSES) 2015


Regina RICA has a special message for you.


Inner Healing through Contemplative Prayer: healing our shadows

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Action Medeor

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Harp Hits for Healing 5

Harp Hits for Healing 5 is a CD you must have because you are our mission partner. Thank you for believing in our mission to bring peace into the world into your heart through contemplative Prayer. Our mission together will start with the building of funds for the construction of the Regina Rosarii Institute of Contemplation in Asia. For every donation of at least Php 500.00, you can avail of the Harp Hits for Healing 5 for free.

Harp Hits for Healing 5 was launched at the Grand Ballroom of the Quezon City Sports Club last September 5, 2014.  Harp artist Noelle Cassandra was present during the launching where she sang Ryan Cayabyab’s, the Prayer of St. Francis in duet with Robert Cheng.

Be a part of the Regina Rosarii Institute Construction Heroes (RICH). Share your blessings and get Sr. Eppie’s newest CD: Harp Hits for Healing 5. Leave a legacy at Regina RICA!



Ministry after the storm

Last Saturday, September 20, 2014 immediately after the mass the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii went around the streets wanting to know if in what way they can help the homeless people after the wrath of typhoon Mario. They brought with them some rice, pan de sal and even cook champorado (chocolate flavored rice porridge) as a little way of help to the typhoon victims. As they pass by the streets they found those homeless, restless and still awake as they articulates that they are sleepless the entire the night watching with anxious heart, waiting if the water will rise up. They are so much thankful to the little blessing they received.






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RICH ka na HERO ka pa


What a coincidence.

When we attended the annual convention of the Association of Major Superiors in Tagaytay. Sr. Eppie was approached by the sister in charge asking her if she can make a prayer for the OFW and the migrant workers to which Sr. Eppie without hesitation said YES.

We then produced candles for OFW & Migrant workers. Part of what we earn will be given for the cause of the OFW & Migrant desk of the Association of Major Superiors.

Today Sr. Reice of the Scalabrinian Sisters saw Mama Mary on top of our building and immediately she asked if they can pray the rosary to our Lady Regina Rosarii. We answered YES you can and you are most welcome. So Reice and 20 OFWs came to pray.

What a coincidence because we did not know of Sr. Reice and her OFW & migrant workers, nor they ever knew of our pledge to help the OFW & Migrant workers desk of the AMRSP until just NOW.





Hours after Typhoon Glenda hits the country, the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii

Just hours after Typhoon Glenda hit the country, The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii went to the many streets in search for the K friends people who have no homes who live in the kalsada, kariton and karton to give them food. Sr. Eppie says in the storm these people cannot cook for themselves nor can they find basura or garbage to sell.



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The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii receives award from Radio Veritas

Radio Veritas in celebration of thier 45th anniversary, recognizes the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii with a plaque of appreciation for it's program "Sacred Space on the Air featuring Sunday Psalms and Sounds" aired every sunday 10 PM to 11 PM.



What is a contemplative in the heart of the world?


Soon to Rise in Regina RICA: The Institute


If you happen to read or look at this article right now then Mama Mary is calling for you at this moment to be part of her project of giving HOPE to a broken world.

Come to Regina RICA so you can see for yourself and experience God's gift of grace. In what way can you help Regina RICA make this institution a reality.

In a few weeks from now The Regina RICA Institute of Contemplation in Asia will begin her construction. Feel in your hearts what Mama Mary wants you to do to help.


St. Paul's Pilgrimage Path



Power Message

When the going is tough and there seems no end to trouble,

Look beyond. Burn bright with hope.

God carries you. You are safe.



Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP


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