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The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii receives award from Radio Veritas

Radio Veritas in celebration of thier 45th anniversary, recognizes the Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii with a plaque of appreciation for it's program "Sacred Space on the Air featuring Sunday Psalms and Sounds" aired every sunday 10 PM to 11 PM.




What is a contemplative in the heart of the world?


Soon to Rise in Regina RICA: The Institute


If you happen to read or look at this article right now then Mama Mary is calling for you at this moment to be part of her project of giving HOPE to a broken world.

Come to Regina RICA so you can see for yourself and experience God's gift of grace. In what way can you help Regina RICA make this institution a reality.

In a few weeks from now The Regina RICA Institute of Contemplation in Asia will begin her construction. Feel in your hearts what Mama Mary wants you to do to help.


St. Paul's Pilgrimage Path


Pilgrimage to Greece, Turkey and Holy Land with Sr. Eppie Brasil

St. Paul like you and me has not personally seen Jesus in Christ in person and yet the experience of being blind and sight restored had brought impact in his life that he served Jesus with so much passion. We are also likewise called to the same fiery service for Jesus in whatever walk of life we are in.

The irritations, boredom, helplessness and even hopelessness are the stimuli that can open us to invite Jesus in our hearts to be our companion for life.

As we walk in the streets were Paul had walked, we breathe in the air the challenges he met with courage, the sights he saw, hear the sounds Paul has heard before us, feel the trees and rocks that has been there since the time Paul and let these experiences be enhanced by contemplative prayer for all of us who follow Jesus friend of the poor and healer of the broken.

And like Jesus, may I say to you: come & see, come & hear, come & smell, come & touch, come & experience.


Contemplative prayer


“The only thing to seek in contemplative prayer is God;
and we seek Him successfully when we realize that we cannot find Him unless He shows Himself to us, and yet at the same time that He would not have inspired us to seek Him unless we had already found Him.”


The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii Geared Up Towards the Challenges of Promoting Vocation


The Dominican Sisters of Regina Rosarii is now up to the challenges of promoting Vocations after attending a two-day Seminar last September 21 to 22, 2013. The Seminar Workshop was organized by the Dominican Family Commission on Social Communication and Office for Social Communication Institute of Preaching.


At the Mother House: Our Community Celebrates Our Lady's Birthday


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And the Radio Veritas winner is!!!!!


800 Native trees for 800 years of Dominican presence







We celebrate: 9 years now in Radio Veritas

It seems like it was only yesterday that Jase Jongco of the Beloved of the Lord community accompanying us in our first broadcast in Radio Veritas in August 2004. Wow and it happens so so fast we are now in our 9th year giving joy and giving hope to people.

We invite you to listen to us: Sacredspace on the Air 10-11 PM Radio Veritas 846 AM station. Should you want to watch us live through video streaming please open google chrome, please open our website and please click on the icon Radio Veritas or open google chrome and open radio veritas 846. Happy Viewing.


New tool for evangelization to our young K-friends

New tool for evangelization for our young K friends: the use of video clip. See for yourselves how the video is getting them engaged in what you teach them. Try it.




K friends are people like us we treat them special. I remember the song that Sr. Eppie composed when she felt small when she was abroad because she said my nose is not pointed, I felt I was not fair enough and I am Asian. " I am precious, God delights in me. I am precious God walks with me, I am precious God delights me. I am precious God walks with me. You are precious, God

delights in you. You are precious God walks with you. We are precious, God delights in us. We are precious God walks with us." This song is seen in the Rosaline Healing Sound: Do Not Worry track no. 12


OP Regina attends AMRSP Joint Biennial Convention


Healing Contemplative Marian Pilgrimage


sidebanner_copyCome and join Sr. Eppie in the contemplative healing pilgrimage and
discover the gift of healing in your life.

      Our prayer….

           Heal my body….

                  Heal my mind….

                         Heal my spirit….

                                Heal my pocket….

                                        Heal my memories….



Power Message

When the going is tough and there seems no end to trouble,

Look beyond. Burn bright with hope.

God carries you. You are safe.



Sr. Eppie Brasil, OP


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